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Powder coated Aluminium Expanded Metal

Powder coated Aluminium Expanded Metal is processed by a special machine (steel mesh punching and shearing machine) to form a sheet material in a mesh condition.

  Material: Mild steel plate,aluminum plate,galvanized plate,stainless steel plate,etc

  Hope types:diamond,hexagonal,etc

  Surface treatment:powder coated,oxidation treatment,pvdf coating

Powder coated Aluminium Expanded Metal.jpg


  1. It used with concrete in buildings and construction, maintenance of equipments, making of arts and crafts, covering screen for first class sound case.

  2. It is fencing for super highway, studio, highway.

  3. Heavy expanded metal can be used as step mesh of oil tanks, working platform, corridor and walking road for heavy model equipment, boiler, petroleum and mine well, automobile vehicles, big ships.

  4. It also serve as reinforcing bar in construction, railway and bridges.


  1.LCL: in wooden pallet with plastic film or case

  2.FCL: wooden pallet or case,nude

  3.Other special package according to customers' requirements


  Q:How to order?

  A:1. Specify quantity and dimensions of steel bar,twist bar(usually it is Φ6)

  2. Indicate kind of material

  3. Size, direction of steel bar

  4. Indicate any special packaging or shipping instructions

  5. For custom steel grating,it is better if there is drawing

  our company as a Expanded Metal Manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.