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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt For Sale

  Spiral weave mesh also called architectural conveyor belt, is composed of rods in horizon and bend wires in vertical. The rods can be straight or bent. It was originally used in industry,mainly for the transportation of raw materials or products on the assembly line. Later, because of the beautiful pattern, exquisite workmanship and other characteristics, it has been gradually accepted and approved by designers in architecture system.

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  Our spiral weave mesh has a rich variety,such as flat wire conveyor belt,double balanced weave belt, compound balanced weave belt and ladder conveyor belt.


  Architectural conveyor belt mesh is characterized by a round or flat spiral wire with looped edges. conveyor belts are very flexible and rollable in length, the use has been found in the architecture. The strong mesh possible designs for higher stresses such as for fixed or movable curtains and elements outdoors.


  Materials: stainless steel, bright steel.

  Width: Max: 4000mm.

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