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Factory price Building exterior expansion net

  Steel net also known as expansion net. It is made of the original sheet steel using the latest technology through cutting and expansion, its net body is more lightweight and strong bearing capacity.

Factory price Building exterior expansion net.jpg

  Surface treatment:

  1) For aluminum material :

  Without treatment is ok

  Anodized finish (colour can be silver, blue, green, yellow,pink, red,black, as you like)

  Powder coated

  PVDF (surface will be much more smooth, level off and glossy, it also has a much longer life span than common treatment)

  Packaging Details

  Stainless Steel punched plate / perforated mesh sheet / punching hole mesh

  1.kraft paper with waterproof cloth and iron plate

  2.kraft paper with waterproof cloth and wooden carton

  3.kraft paper with waterproof cloth packed into iron plate then with a wooden cover.

  4.specialal sizes and requirement is available.

  5.also as client's requirement.

  our company as a expanded metal suppliers ,if you need that pls contact us.

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