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Expanded Metal Fence​ for Home Garden Fence

  Hot Sale Product: Expanded Metal Fence for Home Garden Fence

  1. Professional supplier of importers, wholesalers and distributors.

  2. OEM is ok!

  3.many year Experience About Export

  4. Exclusive Agreement is available! ( Regions or countries )


  1. Prompt Delivery.

  2. Have our own factory.

  3. 24 hours on-line service.

  4. many years of export experience.

  5. High Quality and Competitive Price.

  6. Have an independent production team.

Expanded Metal For Construction.jpg


  1.If necessary, you can get a sample to confirm the product quality,

  and then we produce according to your requirement;

  2.Or you send us your samples, and we make the product according to your quality.


  1. The two sides communicate to confirm product specification.

  2. Signed a contract.

  3. Client pay 30% prepayment.

  4. Production.

  5. Packaging & Delivery.

  6. Client finish the balance payments.

  7. We send the original Bill of Lading to the client.

  After service

  1.After placing orders will be timely feedback to track the progress

  of related production, shipment, delivery and other production conditions.

  2. In accordance with the stipulated time of shipment delivery, guaranteed delivery and supply capacity.

  3. Encounter any quality problems can always contact us,

  we will promptly communicate timely replacement of the goods

  our company as a Expanded Metal Fence Manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.

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