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Chinese supplier Plate Stretch Mesh

  The wind-proof and dust-proof net has a forming width of 825mm, a peak height of 50mm-80mm, a sheet thickness of 0.5mm-2.5mm, and a length of 6m. At the same time, our company can process according to the drawings. Remind you that the wind-proof dust-proof net does not exceed 6.15 meters. This is because the longer the three-peak wind-proof dust-proof net, the farther the steel components will be, and the wind-shielding effect will not be obvious. Among them, the three-peak wind-proof dust-proof net The best windproof effect is 7.5cm in height.

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  Material: low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, color coated steel plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate, stainless steel plate.

  Surface treatment: electrostatic powder coating.

  Sanfeng Wind and Dust Control Net Use: It is mainly used for wind and dust suppression of coal storage plants in coal mines, coking plants, power plants, etc.; ports, dock coal storage plants and various stockyards; steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises Dust suppression in the stockyard; harsh environment such as crop wind protection, sand-proof weather and dust-proof; railway, highway coal-gathering station coal storage yard, construction site, road dust, both sides of the highway. The dust suppression effect of the single-layer wind and dust suppression wall can reach 65-85%, and the effect of the double-layer wind suppression wall can reach over 95%.

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